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secretary of defense. >> when he takes office, the first challenge he has is he'll be in the middle of the sequester fight meaning an automatic across-the-board cut for the defense budget and every other federal budget that is supposed to happen march 1. >> ifill: and we look at the big money groups supporting and attacking hagel's nomination. >> woodruff: we have two takes on the war in mali, an on-the- ground report from the newly liberated town of gao... >> ifill: ...and an update on the destruction of ancient manuscripts in the fabled city of timbuktu. >> woodruff: and we close with the story of a soldier who underwent a successful rare double arm transplant, after losing all of his limbs in the iraq war. >> i hated not having arms. i was all right with not having legs. not having arms takes so much away from you out of even your personality. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> viking river cruises. >> bnsf railway. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all peopl
to come tonight, the challenges ahead for a new defense secretary; war ravages mali, and destroys part of its cultural heritage; plus, a rare double arm transplant. but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: a federal judge in new orleans gave the go-ahead today to a settlement with b.p. in the 2010 gulf oil disaster. the company agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter and other charges and to pay a record $4 billion in criminal penalties. the gulf disaster began with an oil rig explosion that killed 11 people. before the well was finally sealed, it spewed more than 200 million gallons of oil into the sea. senator john kerry of massachusetts was confirmed today to be secretary of state. the vote was 94-3, as the five- term democrat won the overwhelming approval of his colleagues. kerry is 69, and a former democratic presidential nominee. senators from both sides praised him in a rare show of bipartisan support. john has already built strong relationships with leaders across the world. which will allow him to step seamlessly into the role of secretary
luck, then you beat peyton manning and tom brady on the road and your defense-- which was suspect the whole year-- allows 14 points a a game in those three games then you start to say, you know, there's something going on here. and you start to look at them and say this is really not the ravens team that they appeared to be in december. but then 49ers come in and they've got this young stallion of a quarter back who runs as well as he throws and how about this? he runs for 181 yards in one playoff game against green bay then in the next playoff game he only runs one time on purpose for minus two yards. and so -- and he beats the atlanta falcons in the championship game with his arms, not his legs. so you're the ravens and you say what are we going to see kaepernick the runner? kaepernick the passer? some sort of hybrid guy who who's between? that's why there's so many interesting storylines in this game revolving not just around the people but the strategy. >> rose: there's also the story of both quarter backs, not only caber nick but flacco. >> rose: >> joe flacco is an amazing s
promises one too many times. >> we are live in cairo. the defense minister has been talking pretty strong warnings. >> it was an unprecedented statement from the defense minister. field marshall may statement in which he said the ongoing dispute between forces in the country could lead to the collapse of the state. this is a very strong warning. he said the ongoing -- is a threat to the country. the army finds it difficult to balance out the freedoms of individuals and to protect state institutions and property. a strong statement and the most public statement we have heard from the army since it was sent back to the barents by the president of august of last year. there is deep concern among the military with this current crisis in the country. >> our political party is helping the military in any way? >> the point the defense minister made and this was unusual. he did not single out any political party or any political movement. he made reference to those intent on disrupting order. he directed his comments at the political world as a whole. he was talking about all political movements
senator chuck hagel. why his pick for defense secretary could face a confirmation fight. >>> a health concern you need to know about. ground beef being recalled because it could be carrying salmonella. we'll have the details. patti ann: right now a food recall you need to know about. the fda issuing a warning about ground beef at the center after salmonella outbreak. rick folbaum has all the details from the breaking news desk. hi, rick. >> the cdc has been able to link this outbreak to two different businesses in the state of michigan. so far 16 people in five different states have gotten sick. this is a form of salmonella that can lead to severe diarrhea and fever and cramps. it is usually called by eating raw or undercooked beef and seven of the people who got sick all reported eating at the same restaurant beforehand. the two beef distributors involved, one of them is in troy, michigan, the other in sterling heights. both recalled about 500 pounds of beef each. the products involved were sold in supermarkets and as well as to restaurants. make sure if you have any ground beef in y
for the last several weeks. her defense is in high-stakes mode right now. they begin laying out their case right now. will she take the stand in her defense? she told three separate stories to police. maybe she'll have to pick a story. >> yeah. >>> and we've been talking about this it seems all morning. why these jeans could be your weapon in the war against cellulite. they are moisturizing. and we will put them to the test, courtesy of amy robach. >> oh, amy's wearing them now? >> yeah. >> it is so good to be back. >>> and a morning, oh heavyweight. we have sylvester stallone here live. and one of the greatest voices in all of music. andrea bocelli. that was a soundcheck for the ages. >> i could sit here all morning long listening to that. >>> let's get to the first in the breakup of the murder trial. the defense of jodi arias is expected to begin today. her lawyers will argue that she was trying to protect herself when she stabbed her ex-boyfriend to death. we're going to talk live to dan and nancy in a moment. but ryan owens has the latest on the story. >> reporter: fatal attraction? or
. national defense leaders announced last thursday they will carry out a nuclear test. workers' party leaders then asked secretaries of what they call local cells to gather in the capital. the media said on sunday that kim had some of the country's top defense officials. reporters said the leaders determined to act in his nation's interest. >>> tell us about the challenges in getting this country out of deflati deflation. >> getting price to rise is a major challenge. it's money circulating the markets, company performance, customers appetite for buying things. then there's the challenge of will people be able to afford more. labor and business leaders in japan are butting heads over a proposed wage increase. >> translator: this year we intend to secure a pay hike and improve working conditions. we want to bring japan out of deflation. >> officials of the japanese trade union confederation are calling for a 1% increase in wages. they suggest firms use the money to improve working conditions. they also say seniority-based pay increases should continue. the leaders of the japan business federat
ade a pass at phylicia thaa same night. but johnson's defense team maantains that none of that... provesstheei 3 members offa grand jjry makk some sttrtling rrvelations about the jonbenet ramsey case. founn dead in the basement of her paaents' colorado home in ssvveal jurors say the grand jurr votee to nnictt the ramseys on chhrges of child abuse resulting in death. despite theereccmmendation.. the district atttrney deciied -& not to ffle chargee nd cleared ramsey's arenns of &pany wrongdoing. 3 "theeboy sccuts of americc" is considering changing its stance on ggy -3 membbes. he months after the organization -&preaffirmed its policc f & that ecision was reached lass &pjjly after a nearly 2-yeer evaluution. tte move came undee eavy criticism....eeen preeident &obama opposed the ban. -3&pphe announcement issexpeeted -3 nni wallenda tackles yet anotter death defyyng stunt. laaer today... the daredevil will walk on a wiie 180 feet above the ground in ssrasota, commission gaveehim permission too ross a
mission which will include british military trainers. the defense secretary has spelled it out but has not commented on it. >> france has made it clear that they see a short intervention to stabilize the situation on the ground while the african forces from neighboring countries and the army have deployed to sustain the situation in the longer term. >> senior military figures say that uk's support is in the national interest. >> failed states bring with them instability. the prime ministers have touched on this, that molly might be in the middle of nowhere, at timbuktu used to be known. what happens in a global world if the jihadists were to take over the country as a whole. they would not end there. >> timbuktu has gratitude for western help. there were stories of beatings, fear, and repression. today are reminders that the jihadists role is being obliterated but the final battles not yet won. >> finding those jihadi is will be the next challenge for the french military. you are watching bbc world is america -- president obama hits the road in the hopes of selling changes and america'
offer a verdict as early as today. the defense wrapped up the testimony yesterday leopold faces three counts of misconduct in aves and one count of fraud. he did not take the stand in his defense. yesterday, the defense called another doctor who vouched for leopold's back problems and the personnel officer for county government said leopold returned 5,000 dollars after a mandatory pay raise. the judge allowed four charges to stick after a second attempt to have them dropped. >>> carla hamner who filed her civil lawsuit against leopold has been in the courtroom every day watching this case. >> the citizens of anne arundel county were promised an explanation as to this -- there was another side to this story and no one knew anything about. and i am not seeing an explanation. i am literally seeing excuses. >> the case resumes at 9 this morning. if leopold is found guilty he could face prison time or be voted out of office by county council. >>> the phylicia barnes murder trial continues today. yesterday jurors saw a sex tape involving phylicia her sister and the defendant and his younger
in self- defense and to protect the public. the jury didn't buy it. here's what pat cook's brother and the prosecutor had to say. okay, well the special prosecutor is jim fisher in this case and he is very satisfied with the verdict. he's not upset that the jury did not come back with murder one, which was the most serious offense. he said the public has spoken, that this was wrong. that this officer's claim of self-defense did not hold up. that they were correct in finding him guilty and he wants to see him serve a long sentence. i also spoke with pat's brother who came down from new jersey and put his job on hold for the past week and a half to watch this jury. he says it was very important to him that daniel harmon- wright be convicted. he said that he was very disgusted with some of the terms that were used in court to describe his sister, the defense called her a fleeing felon and any other words to describe her as someone who had committed crimes, and her brother says that was just wrong. that she was a very mild mannered person that wouldn't hurt a fly and did not deserve to
last year when he shot and killed patricia cook when she was sitting in a jeep. he claimed it was self-defense, that she trapped his arm in the window and dragged him. prosecutors say otherwise. that it was a case of excessive force and turned into murder. the jury deliberated three hours. they went home for the evening and will be back at it tomorrow. >>> an update on the student of virginia who said he saw a gunman on the campus. brian harrison is facing federal charges, accused of calling 911 last wednesday night. the school was immediately put on lockdown. e-mails went out. an hour later he admitted to police he made the whole thing up. >>> congress has finally passed a disaster relief package for the victims of super storm sandy and it amounts to $50 billion. the money goes to families and businesses up and down the east coast who need to rebuild following the damage done by sandy back in october. >>> we are less than a week now from the big game superbowl xlvii. ravens v. 49ers. >> we've got you covered here on wusa 9 with all the blitz and the glitz. our kristen berset is live in the bi
not understandable] leopold didn't take the stand in his defense. abc2 news sherrie johnson reports there could be a verdict and we have had explosive testimony from everyone poo worked for leopold and closing arguments are happening today. here's sherrie johnson. >> reporter: yes, that's right. closing arguments are scheduled for 9 this morning in the case of john leopold. the judge coo co reach a verdict as early as today. leopold's team wrapped up the case yesterday. county executive never took stand in his defense. leopold faces three counts of misconduct and one count of fraud for allegedly miss using county money. the state has said leopold abused his power by having his county paid security officers sit in a bowling alley parking lot while he had sex in another car. he may have lacked judgment but what he did was not illegal. yesterday, the defense called another doctor who vouched for leopold's back problems also the personnel officer for county government said leopold returned 5,000 dollars after a mandatory pay raise. the judge allowed the four charges to stick after a second attempt
of the united states and africa is by strengthening the defense capabilities of african nations so that they are able to provide for their own security and, importantly, increasingly contribute to regional security and stability as well. now, like every other u.s. military organization we have to always be prepared to conduct military operations at the direction of our president and the secretary of defense. the operations in libya in 2011 are an example of that. when so directed by our president, then we have to take on those kinds of actions. but mostly we think our effort is best when we are working to increase the capabilities of our african partners. our activities in africa are guided by two overarching but simple principles. the first is simply that a safe, stable, secure africa is in the best interests not only of the african cups, but of our country as well. and the second principle is one that was articulated first by president obama when he visited ghana in 2009 and where our president stated that in the long runs the africans who are best able and best capable of addres
arundel county executive john leopold. the judge could reach a verdict as early as todaych the defense wrapped up the testimony and leopold faces three counts of misconduct in office and one count of fraud. he did not take the stand in his defense. yesterday, the defense called another doctor who vouched for his back problems. also the personnel officer for county government said leopold returned 5,000 dollars after a mandatory pay raise. the judge allowed the four charges to stick after a second attempt to have them dropped. >> the judge is moving forward with the charges against him. i would see that as a good sign. >> >> reporter: once again the case resumes at 9 this morning. if leopold is found guilty he could face prison time or be voted out of office by the county council. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> the phylicia barnes murder trial continues today. jurors saw a sex tape that lawyers say shows barnes and the man accused of murdering her. prosecutors played a pornographic video that showed phylicia her sister deena and the man accused of killing her and his younger brother. t
, white, claims he shot 54-year-old patricia cook in self-defense. it happened last february. cook had been accused of trespassing and reportedly refused to leave the parking lot at a private school. she was not armed. if convicted, white faces anywhere from a year to life in prison. >> tomorrow, we expect to hear from the soldier recovering from a milestone surgery after losing all four limbs in iraq. brendon morocco received a double arm transplant at johns hopkins university. injured on eastern in iraq in 2009. his father says the first quadruple amputee to survive the injuries. the on raegs wperation was perft month. his father says he is excited to get new arms. much more on the remarkable surgery on news 4. >> the super bowl sunday comes with extra excitement for a family who had a difficult year. vernon davis was raised in the city by his grand mother who still lives in northwest. but before davis made news for, going to the super bowl, his younger brother michael was named as the suspect in a deadly attack with a hammeren the s ei city. awaiting trial on murder and assault char
chuck hagel from becoming the next secretary of defense. who is behind these groups and what's really motivating them? good morning from washington. it's tuesday, january 29th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. pac show for you, i promise. my first reads of the morning, nearly two years ago, president obama gave a speech in el paso calling for immigration reform, stronger board security and a path to citizenship. >> el paso, the question is whether those in congress who previously walked away in the name of enforcement are now ready to come back to the table and finish the work that we've started. >> well, now that a bipartisan group of senators have come back to the table, the president today will praise the principles this group of eight laid out calling for the country to get behind in senate plan. as white house senior advisor dan pfeiffer just tweeted, today, potus will applaud the bipartisan senate agreement consistent with his long-held view and lay out his vision for immigration reform. "the washington post" is the reporting the white house has develop the its
-old arizona woman win over jurors. her defense begins presenting its case today. arias is accused of murdering travis alexander. you see a photo of them there, a victim of multiple brutalities, his throat was slashed. he was shot in the face. he was stabbed 29 times. police say arias told multiple lies during their investigation. after telling them she hadn't seen alexander for more than a month before he died, she then said a man and woman killed him and threatened her. so that would put her there. listen. >> were they going after travis? for what reason? you tell me this, but you give me no reason. >> didn't discuss much, just argued. >> about what? >> about whether or not to kill me. >> for what reason? >> because i'm a witness. >> a witness of what? >> him, of travis. >> travis' murder? >> yeah, but i didn't really witness it. didn't see much. >> i want to bring in defense attorney joey jackson. with different versions here, really different stories coming from the defendant, at this point what's the basis of her defense? >> all right, well, she's going to do this, poppy. what she's going
that would have been his defense. of course it's his defense. but he's not using it. he's ashamed of himself. doesn't appear to be the case. he's destroying me. this house, this land. my name. all that i've ever stood for. he's going to bring it all crashing down. mr. foyle, you told deakin you could help us, but all you've done so far is ask a lot of questions. why exactly are you here? caroline devereaux. sometimes i think she never left this house. it's as if she never died. so, how did it happen, exactly? oh, it was a horrible accident. she was walking over there. it was late summer. the deer can be very dangerous at that time of year. nobody knows why she got so close to them but they gored her with their antlers. hello. all right? i think so. do come with us. i was going to show mr. deakin the hide. i'd love to. (birds chirping) come on! i'm coming. slow coach. it's got a black beak and white patches on its wings. what do you think it is? a nightingale? hmm, let me see. no, it's a pied flycatcher. it's come all the way from africa to be here. she had it built specially
. coming up, we will tell you about two of the members of the defenseive unit. both with a unique relationship. reporting from the banks of the mighty mississippi. i'm jim kozimore. nbc bay area news. >> jim kozimore, looking sharp and he will be reporting all week for us. the super bowl bet, dianne feinstein and barbara boxer made a wager. both cities known for crab, if the ravens win, we send them dungenous crab, sourdough bread, and if they win, they will send us baltimore beer. and crab cakes. here is terry white, he is a long time 49ers fan, he is going to his sixth super bowl. he has been to all of them now, courtesy of jed york. he received an e-mail from york and at first he thought it was fake. but it was true. he can thank the article that talked about his five previous super bowl trips. he was planning to watch this at home, now he is headed to the big easy. >> to go to six, i'm totally blessed. it's -- i'm still kind of in shock. to tell you the truth. i just didn't think it was going to happen. >> can you imagine getting tickets to the super bowl courtesy of the owner
take you three or four years before you have to make the changes, but there is no defense to making the changes. even if it is a historical building. that is not a defense. when i get involved, it is because 90% of the time, the tenant is the only one who gets the notice, though the notice is addressed both to the tenant and landlord. next thing you see, you are handed a piece of paper by some stranger, and it is a lawsuit. then you need to find a lawyer. probably 90% of these cases are in federal court. it becomes much more costly to get a lawyer involved. most lawyers charged somewhere between $5,000 or $10,000 to get involved in some of these cases. you need to file a formal answer in the court. you will be in a mediation process, which means you will meet with people appointed by the court to try to resolve this issue. the revolution is just what i said. it is major repairs if they are appropriate, and not all repairs are in demand. and, to settle the damaged portion of the case. in my experience, the damages claimed usually run somewhere between $15,000 or $5,000, and attorneys
' defensive player aldon smith talked about his play and the focus. >> we came here to win a game. we came here -- you know, it's the super bowl. we're all excited. we came here to win the game. we all have that same spot in mind. >> there have been rumors that alex smith will ask for his release after the season. smith was quick to refocus attention on the game. >> no, no. i'm focused on this game, helping this team win a championship. >> colin kaepernick presented a united front when speaking about alex smith. >> alex has been great. he's done everything he can to help me and help this team. to have a veteran quarterback like that on your side it's always great. >> and then there's the age factor. randy moss was not so delicately reminded that he is one of the older players. [laughter] >> that's cap being can young, man. a lot of people have seen kaepernick grow before their eyes. >> that was espn's chris berman who asked that not so tactful question. you get the feeling they just want to get on with it. the game is this sunday. the players were polite. but i'm sure they have this focus
cook in her jeep. harmon-wright said he fired in self-defense claiming cook had trapped his arm in the window of the jeep and was dragging him. prosecutors charged harmon used such excessive force that it rose to the level of muer. the jury deliberated for three hours yesterday before going home for the evening. we have a crew at the courthouse and we will take you there live if there is a verdic >>> we're also monitoring closing arguments in the trial of anne arundel county executive john leopold. he's charged with three counts of misconduct in office for allegedly using his security detail for personal and political purposes. among other things, the prosecution says leopold's secured detail helped him facilitate what they call sexual encounters. the republican lawmaker in his second term is also accused of misusing county funds. the defense claims the charges are too vague and do not constitute crimes. >>> president obama is on his way to las vegas where he will lead a rally promoting immigration reform. this comes a day after a bipartisan group of senators unveiled their own
's aalook at ouu facebook 3 got at least a few votes... ...but most of you say the -3 defense will have the biggeet impact on the game...join the discussion by going to facebbok dot com slash fox- bbltimore 3 we ave you covered on our &pwebsite.... all the way leading up to supee bowl -3 dottcoo nd lick on the the top of the screen. you'll see interviews with the players... stories on the &pravens super bowl run.. and related sites. yyo can also click on "harbaugh versus - dediiated to supee bowl 47. it has all the inffrmation leading p to this - started by going to fox baltimore ot com..--3 3 toss o vytas p, 3 3 3 3 more than 200 people are dead & after a fire inside a crowwed & ittssarted... 3 rubii says: "we haveeto be sure we dont do annthiig thha 3 illegglly in tte future." futtre." sweeping immigration reform... the plannagreed on y both - 3&pfirst a monkey.the country one step closer to hey! hey honey! hey alan. uh, hey.... i'm bob, we talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thought you were a tax expert? today,
explores this more in depth with this report >> reporter: last week defense secretary leon panetta made military history when he lifted the ban on women serving in combat. immediately, objections were raised. >> there is a difference in the physicality of women and men >> it's a terrible idea. you're going to have the sex assault problem >> people are going to die reporter: author and military expert kingsley brown >> women in combat positions are a threat to military cohesion. it's not clear that men can actually bond with women the way they bond with other women >> reporter: so women can disrupt romance in combat zones? >> almost by definition. reporter: who are these fatigue hags jeopardizing all that military cohesion? meet marine corps captain zoe biddle a plaintiff in the lawsuit to lift the ban on women in combat >> i think it's about time that women are allowed to serve in all roles >> reporter: why do you want to be the one to break up the band of brothers? don't be the yoko >> unit cohesion is based around common mission and being held to standards. >> reporter: we said to an
by the president for secretary of defense. how are you going to vote on that one? >> tell extend on what he says at the hearing thursday. but i am not going to vote on a new secretary of defense until the old secretary of defense, leon panetta -- who i like very much -- testifies about what happened in benghazi. i haven't forgotten what happened in benghazi. hillary clinton got a view -- got away with murder. she said she had a clear-eyed view of the threats. >> you had 10 hours with her. >> our guys tried to ask questions, she was very good on her feet, deflecting the questions. but she said two things that will come back to haunt her. that they had a clear-ide assessment of the threats in libya and they had close contact with the libyan government. i don't believe either one of them. >> is secretary panetta going to testify? >> i am going to block hagel from going forward until he does. >> you are going to block him? >> absolutely. why would we not want to happen during the afac itself? what happened for seven hours? why were there no military assets available on september 11. >> why has he be
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. that it was an unlawful shooting. he had no right to shoot this woman who was unarmed. his self-defense plea was made up and did not hold up and the jury actually believed that. they did not buy his claim of self-defense. the defense attorney got in his car and drove away. he told us earlier that he would only talk to us, depending on how he felt and i think he was very disappointed. however, as some spectators pointed out, it could have been a lot worse. he could have gotten murder one and that carries a twenty year to life sentence. so you know, if you look at it that way, he got off pretty well. >> peggy, thank you. daniel harmon-wright found guilty. we'll be following this in the sentencing phase. >>> we have another guilty verdict this evening. this in the trial of anne arundel county, john leapold. >> guilty of using his police detail to carry out his personal errands. >> he is not guilty on two counts. break this all down. deb. >> late this afternoon, a judge found executive, john leapold guilty of two counts of misconduct for using his police details to carry out personal errands and politic
swept through a nightclub in southern brazil. a civil defense official says, it happened after the insulation caught fire at kiss nightclub in santa maria. a pyro-technics show was underway when the fire started, but officials did not yet say that was what sparked the fire. smoke inhalation appears to be the cause of death for most of people who died. and nearly half of those killed were students from the nearby federal university. hundreds more people were injured. >> we're getting a better idea of the strategy being considered for immigration reform in this country a group of bi-partisan lawmakers revealed their plan today. it would affect roughly 11- million illegal immigrants in the u.s. fit if explains. it comes one day before the president's plan is announced. >> catherine: a group of senators got a jump on the president by laying out a point-by-point, bipartisan program for immigration reform the day before he unveils his long-awaited plan in las vegas. >> "we still have a long way to go but this bipartisan blueprint is a major breakthrough." it could be a big step after
. whether it be offensive or defensive, we are generally defensive in the sense that operating domestically and the investigative authority within the united states. we would be helpless if we did not work with dhs, cia, nsa, and the rest of the intelligence community. if there is one substantial change that has made the biggest difference, i would say breaking down the traditional walls between the intelligence community and the domestic law enforcement community because information flows very easily over borders now, and you cannot just see one piece of the puzzle without getting the other piece. it has made a tremendous difference and given rise to the approach from all of us that says we want to work together in a task force context. >> for our radio listeners, you are listening to the commonwealth club of california radio program. our guest today is fbi director robert muller discussing security threats concerning the united states. we would like to ask you a little bit about the national security implications of our energy policy, an issue of much concern in the news and certainly her
a bright line. it says if you engage in a wongful action, there is a defense called the insanity defense which never works as most of us know because we don't recognize it. should we recognize it, that's an interesting question. should we have a more robust concept of diminished responsibility in light of the understanding that some people have less control over their preferences and desires or should we have better sentencing schemes or get rid of incarceration and come up with different models of trying to deal with punishment once we understand people have wrong selections. i think those are all interesting questions, but is there free will? well, the fact that almost everybody in the audience raised either their right or left hand contemplated it and were quickly able to act and respond. that to me says, yes, there is. now what do we want to do about it? now that we understand that those of us in the audience or up here that like chocolate cake may not have control over it, how do we want to account for that if at all in the criminal justice system? to date, we haven't. in the future
murder trial. jodie's lawyer is set to begin their defense. later expected to argue that their client acted in self defense. will she take the stand? dan is here to weigh in on good morning america. >> chp said it is close to tracking down the drivers behind a dangerous stunt on a busy freeway. they took video of cars doing do nut in oakland around 4:00 saturday afternoon. the video and others like it wer posted on line. the sound of events known as the side show was so loud it was heard from miles around. it doesn't mean they are in the clear. chp investigators have license plate numbers and working to identify more. >> marijuana advocates are preparing for another battle in the ballot box. sacramento said they will try to expand it beyond medical use. people were encouraged by the that colorado and washington. hoping to raise the ballot in 2016. >> super bowl spending by fans is on the rise. >> that is not by choice. >> in the nation's biggest mortgage lender is wrapping up the home loans faster. jane is live in the new york stock exchange. >> hi, san francisco based wells fargo rew
or whether he used his weapon as an act of self-defense and to protect the public. on februar9th, 2012, patricia cook was sitting in her car in a lot at epiphany catholic school. she refused to leave even when confronted by a school administrator. so then officer daniel harmon- wright was called into check on a suspicious vehicle. when he arrived, cook said she was waiting for a friend. she displayed her driver's license but apparently declined to hand it over to him. harmon-wright testified he reached for it but she rolled up her window, trapped his hand and began to drive. he says he fired because he felt his life was in danger. the former policeman kept firing after the car moved away from him. special prosecutor jim fisher told the jury harmon-wright's actions were unjustified and excessive. defense attorney daniel hawes said he was doing his job in shooting a fleeing felon. both sides agree cook had a metallic sunscreen sitting across the sun screen of her jeep wrangler. when she pulled away, it was still there. the defense said she was pulling onto the street essentially driving
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